Forest Plum Pudding - Finishers

The finishers lists for the 2020 Forest Plum Pudding 5K and 10K virtual events are shown below.

Everyone on the lists will receive a finisher's medal, so if you've completed an event but your name doesn't appear on the corresponding list, please let us know to ensure you don't miss out!

10K event (85 entrants)
Name Club
Robert Holmes
Alan Tyler
Andrea Bale
Kay Thomas
Chris Hammersley
Lynn Hammersley
Melinda Ruck
Daren Smith
Amy Wilden
Peter Aldis
Claire Rees
Richard Gavin
Beth Adams
James Wilden
Bethan Lyne
Megan Aldis
Mike Owen
Sharon Mitchell
Claire Morgan
Vicki Hodge
David Pearson
Martin Price
Martyn Price
Abigail Simpson
Susan Little
Cath Pickett
Jemma Jones
Jan Ray
Michelle May
Ian Powles
Craig Cameron
Annette Heylings
Fiona Benson
Kay Harper
Kerry Howells
Lindsey Bambra
Jeff Elsmore
Brenda Elsmore
Paul Allen 83:00
Debbie Green
Claire Lavender
Lynda Holloway
Pete Jones
John Matthews
Marge Matthews
Sarah Cleverley
Deborah Talbott
Alison Roberts
Sophie Dowle
Laura Beard
Iain Jarvis
Fiona Jarvis
Samantha Flowers
Elizabeth Purvis
Julia Dawson
Jill Bell
Ady Marshall
Erin Preece
Karen Hall
Emily Thomas
Louise Allison
Elizabeth Van Loo
Kay Lawless
Jackie Hawley
Steve Peake
Deborah Peake
Natasha Owen
Wendy Lawrence
Eva Goodhead
Kirsty Rogers
Jacqui Wynds
Ian Waugh
Robert Holmes
Edward Crimp
Lara Hopkinson
Emma Bevan
Ruth Smith
Trish Yeadon
Lizzie Cooke
Angela Dale
Hannah Deacon
Tracey Ford
Rowena Ford
Tara Amos
5K event (42 entrants)
Name Club
James Ludlow
Briar Morris (with Dennis)
Barb Morris (with Digby)
Trina Holland
Abi Wilkinson
Claire Rees
Lorna Morris
Helen Koch
Hugo Koch
Andrea Bridges
Tracy Lord
Istvan Joni
Suzanne Peters
Rachel Beard
Alison Morgan
Louise Annis
Roger Pickett
Rosie Pickett
Cerys Pickett
Kathryn Searle
Chloe Searle
Jon Searle
Oscar Searle
Tracey Hoare
Peter Hoare
Vicky Wilson
Danielle Wilson
Isabelle Beard
Drew Teed
Matti Teed
Bertie Teed
Helena Galloway
Julie Willams
Linzi Sidney
Shirley Sladen
Rebecca Crimp
Amelie Crimp
Dulcie Crimp
Andrew Severy
Elizabeth Severy
Floss Hooper
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