Tujuane Student Exchange Pro

The staff and students of the 2019 Tujuane Student Exchange Project thanked the Forest of Dean Rotary Club for their support. 21 Forest youngsters travelled to Kenya and 8 Kenyan youngsters travelled to the Forest.
All the students have been working on an international collaborative environmental project, which will continue into 2020.
These are some comments from the feedback of the Kenyan students:

• I was thinking earlier that the UK people do bully black people, but they were friendly.Allan
• I like the British people because they are honest and mean what they say. Michael
• I was surprised how the British keep their environment clean since I thought that they do not care much about their environment. Joeline
• I was told the British eat snakes and snails which is not true. Emily
• I was surprised to see poor street people in London. I expected to see all people having a comfortable life. Vallary
• I was surprised to see people living with a dog under the same roof. Emily
• I was surprised that parents ensure that their children do their studies and sleep in time. Allan

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